This is one of those sites that is either awesome or shit. Not sure which yet though. Some guy has taken photos of ‘British’ food and made a slide show. I’ve watched it from start to finish twice now (all 129 pics), written down here that looks a very sad thing to do.

Some meals are pretty tempting – check out the fish, chips, peas (not mushy enough) and spam fritter (the fritter being one of my guilty pleasures when I go to the chippie):

Other meals look vile – what on earth is this supposed to be???

Edit 11/6/05: donges asked what a can of ‘All Day Breakfast’ would consist of. I couldn’t resist a Google search and came up with some answers. Some rather sad person has reviewed said item: HP All Day Breakfast in a Can. An image search came up with HP All In Cans and has a selection of meals in cans on it. I challenge everyone to try them (but have no intention of doing so myself!).


From BBC News:

‘No proof’ detoxing diets work

From the page:
Roger Clemens, professor of molecular pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Southern California and Dr Peter Pressman, an endocrinologist at private medical firm Geller, Rudnick, Bush and Bamberger say many have reported detoxing worked for them.

They write: “There are thousands of testimonials that describe experience of less bloating (actually the result of eating less food), clearer skin (improved hydration) and decreased headaches (reduced alcohol and caffeine).”

But they say the benefits people feel are not due to their body getting rid of excessive toxins. They say the improvements detoxers see are instead due to changing from what is likely to have been a “poor” diet. And they stress the body is designed to “detox” itself.

“Healthy adults, even overweight adults, have been endowed with extraordinary systems for the elimination of waste and regulation of body chemistry.

“Our lungs, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract and immune system are effective in removing or neutralising toxic substances within hours of consumption.”

…….. I’m so pleased I read this – that spam fritter I ate earlier is being naturally detoxed as I write and I can stop worrying that I should be spending the rest of the week eating nothing but fruit and veg to counteract it.