Recycling around the world

From the page:
The UK government is trying to encourage more people to recycle their waste and reduce the UK’s waste mountain. Figures suggest 60% of all household waste could be recycled, but the UK appears to be reusing only 14.5%.

Here BBC correspondents provide a snapshot of how the UK’s European neighbours and other countries approach recycling of everyday rubbish… including this gem from Greece:

Athens has what is believed to be Europe’s largest recycling plant, built next to the landfill four years ago. But the plant – estimated to have cost at least 75m euros (50m) – has stood idle.

The reason? It was badly damaged by a mountain of rubbish which collapsed on top of it.

Most of us slag off the UK government’s attempts to protect the environment. The defra site outlines the aims quite extensively.

From the page:
Our aim is to protect and improve the environment, and to integrate the environment with other policies across Government and in international fora. Effective protection of the environment requires activity on many wide-ranging different fronts – for example, from acting to limit global environmental threats (such as global warming) to safeguarding individuals from the effects of poor air quality or toxic chemicals. It is one of the four objectives of sustainable development. Actions to protect the environment also produce benefits such as housing (through improved energy efficiency of buildings), social progress (through action to combat fuel poverty) and economic growth (through more efficient use of resources, such as re-use, recycling and recovery of waste).