Universe ‘too queer’ to grasp

From the page:
Richard Dawkins has opened a global conference [TED Global] of big thinkers warning that our Universe may be just “too queer” to understand.

“Are there things about the Universe that will be forever beyond our grasp, in principle, ungraspable in any mind, however superior?” he asked, arguing that our brains had evolved to help us survive within the scale and orders of magnitude within which we exist [for example we think rocks are solid whereas they are in fact mostly spaces in between atoms].

Each species, in fact, has a different “reality”. They work with different “software” to make them feel comfortable, he suggested. Because different species live in different models of the world, there was a discomfiting variety of real worlds, he suggested.

………. My mind goes into meltdown whenever I try thinking about infinity, quantum stuff, dimensions beyond those we experience in our ‘reality’, the universe in general – in fact pretty much all that kind of thing.