Robert Thompson’s Craftsmen is a family company from Kilburn, North Yorkshire, with an international reputation for its carved English Oak pieces. Each piece is carved with the trademark mouse.

From the page:
The carved mouse symbol was first registered as a trademark in the 1930’s; the following extract about the origin is from a letter written in Robert’s own neat handwriting and addressed to the Reverend John H W Fisher, the then Vicar of Berkeley Parish Church, dated February 10th 1949:

“The origin of the Mouse as my mark was almost in the way of being an accident. I and another carver were carving a huge cornice for a screen and he happened to say something about being as poor as a church mouse. I said I will carve a mouse here and did so, and then it struck me, what a lovely trademark. This is about 30 years ago”.

………. One day I’d like to commision a piece of oak furniture from here – a refectory table perhaps or a bed. One of my lottery dreams 🙂