This is an edited post.

Jul 19:

“Shock and awe invasions using massive air power and overwhelming force caused a far higher concentration of deaths, injuries and child fatalities than even the intense insurgency we are experiencing now”
Professor John Sloboda
Author of report

A new report – A Dossier on Civilian Casualties in Iraq, 2003-2005 – asserts that 37% of deaths were caused by the US-led forces.

A total of 24,865 civilians were reported killed in the first two years of the conflict, beginning with the invasion, almost 20% of them women or children.

This means approximately one in every 1,000 Iraqis has been killed since March 2003.

Children made up almost half the victims of air attacks, but only 6% of those from small-arms fire.

Locations of Iraqi civilian deaths

Edit: Jul 21

Since putting the above item onto my page I have found out some more about this John Sloboda. He is the director of the Oxford Research Group, a lobbying group with a political agenda. The BBC (from whose site I took the article) reports the propaganda produced by this group as fact and widely quotes the arbitrary figures published by these political agitators. Sloboda is also co-founder of Iraq Body Count – an organisation that uses dodgy methodology to come up with as high a figure of casualties as possible in order to suit its political agenda.

The civilian costs of this illegal war are high – but reaching the truth is being hindered when the media reports such lobbying as fact.

This blog entry, for example, might be worth a read: More truth and lies in the war on terror. Kamm supports Bush (which straight away turns me off him) but I do quite like the way he writes even if I don’t necessarily agree with him. Another blog worth reading, with comments on the Iraqi war body count, is that of Stephen Pollard.

I should add here, however, that I’m still trying to get a balanced picture of what is actually going on so by all means suggest any sources you think I should read (except the conspiracy stuff written by paranoid anti-semitic dickheads).