Study shows some types of military interventions can slow or stop genocide

I am including this because it’s going to make me think — my gut reaction to most military interventions is typically very negative.

From the page:
A study published in the latest issue of International Studies Quarterly is the first to examine the effectiveness of military action on the severity of ongoing instances of genocide and polititcide. The study reveals that only overt military interventions that explicitly challenge the perpetrator appear to be effective in reducing the severity of the brutal policies. Military support for targets, or in opposition to the perpetrators, alters the almost complete vulnerability of unarmed civilian targets…

[The study] examines factors affecting all ongoing instances of state-sponsored mass murder from 1955 to 1997 and simulates the effects of interventions on two cases, including the current case of mass murder in Darfur, Sudan. His results also confirm that attempts to intervene as impartial parties seem ineffective.

A pdf file of the article is available here. I’ve downloaded it — at 50 pages long it’s going to take me some time to read and digest. The data used in the paper can also be downloaded from this link – a useful resource – always good to see how data has been interpreted.