Christmas 2005’s ‘must have’ toys?

Shops are going to be flooded in the run-up to Christmas with Little Britain 12″ talking dolls (unless, of course, it’s like every other year when the ‘must have’ toys can’t be bought anywhere and desperate parents end up forking out a small fortune for Teletubbies, Tracey Island etc from decidedly dodgy sources).

I’ve had a look around and this is what the fuss is going to be about:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLou and Andy dolls say:

Andy: “Don’t like it! Ah want that one!”

Lou: “What a kerfuffle!” Andy: “Yeah ah know!”

Image hosted by Photobucket.comVicky doll says:

“No Doctor cos you can only get pregnant by sitting in someone’s bathwater! An anyway if anyone’s pregnant it’s Jo Rowley because Meredith reckons she seen her with her hand down Ashley’s trackie bottoms…”

“No-but-yeah-but-no what happened was, was you know the Redmond sisters, they found a verruca sock in the girls bogs and put it in Carrie’s bag and she completely had an eppy and turned up to Carmel Sharma’s party with a compass and stabbed Carmel Sharma, and anyway Shelly Bentley gave Craig Harmen a blowie in the shallow end for a bite of his Funny Foot…”

Image hosted by Photobucket.comExpect Daffyd to say:

“I’ll have a quarter of Bonbons and a copy of Gay Times please… it’s my only outlet!”

“Oh no Myfanwy, I couldn’t possibly walk all the way over there. These hotpants give me terrible chaffing.”

And, of course: “I am the only gay in the village!”