Twitches that indicate alcohol may harm baby

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Scientists have captured graphic images of the damage done to unborn babies as a result of women drinking during pregnancy.

Just one glass of wine a week can make babies “jump” in the womb throughout a nine-month pregnancy. Experts believe this abnormal hyperactive behaviour is the result of alcohol slowing or retarding the formation of the central nervous system. The findings appear to back the view that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Some doctors believe the babies scanned by Hepper are showing the early signs of foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) which is thought to cause a range of behavioural and neurological disorders in children – including ADHD. The next stage of Hepper’s study will monitor whether the babies go on to suffer mental and behavioural problems.

Some of the children I work with were born with FAS and have ADHD –
so this is research that I am very interested in following.