Cool kettles bring climate to boil

Ignore cheap flights to the sun and forget about gas guzzling SUVs, energy experts have identified a new destructive agent of climate change in our modern lifestyle: the fashionable kettle.

    – Kettle illuminates during boiling
    – Keep warm function is ideal for busy family breakfasts, commercial breaks, cooking, etc
    – Illuminated keep warm switch
    – 3 kW fastboil element
    – 1.7 litre capacity

The features listed above are the kettle’s selling points (as descibed on Amazon) — but they are very wasteful of energy. A “kettle trends” briefing note submitted to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs warns that a nationwide rush for keep-warm kettles would increase UK carbon dioxide emissions by 220,000 tonnes a year at a time when ministers are seeking ways to cut emmissions to meet targets.