“Cockroach Productions is just back from several months shooting in Indonesia for a 1 hour documentary special “Another Crude Oil”. The story explores the recent boom in the palm-oil industry and traces European investment into an industry that is repeatedly implicated in the devasting forest fires in Indonesia, logging on a vast scale and the destruction of vast tracts of prime orangutan habitat in areas poorly suited for the growth of oil palm. Our team set out to cover the stories unfolding in Borneo and Sumatra, and find out what was really driving this forest clearance. Along the way we discovered orangutans assaulted with knives, elephants poisoned, bears destined for the circus, and tiger poachers.”

Welcome to Tanjung Puting National Park
Nick Lyon

I found this site during a search for some orangutan information. It looks like this production company is doing its best to make known the devastating effects of the demands for palm-oil.

Be sure to visit their blog (link on the page) and Nick Lyon’s excellent photos.