DNA Double Helix – celebrating 50 years

“We have discovered the secret of life”
Photograph courtesy of The Watson Archive.

“At lunchtime on the 8th of February fifty-odd years ago, two young men rushed into a pub in Cambridge and told anyone who would listen that they had discovered ‘the secret of life’. Not surprisingly, most of the other customers just stared into their pints…”

I’m Watson, I’m Crick,
Let us show you our trick,
We’ve found where the seed of life sprang from.
We believe we’re a stew
Of molecular goo
With a period of thirty-four ngstroms.

ES Anderson, et al, 1953

    Really nice site with a whole variety of DNA-related stuff. There’s even a recipe for a cocktail of nucleic acids (although feedback suggests that the use of fresh strawberries is not recommended – because of problems with protease digestion of said strawbs…).

Don’t forget Rosalind Franklin or Maurice Wilkins! Their contributions are outlined on this site, particularly in the ‘timeline’.