“We drive to work and then arrive”

Back in late 2004, Voice One started getting a lift to work with Voice Two – who got it in his mind to do his own podcast recording their in-car chats. Voice One put together this web page – “…it was the least I could do since I don’t give him any gas or parking money.”

    “Most days I get a lift to work with Voice two. We talk in a way that two people in a car would talk. We constantly refer to things that you will not know about or understand. We also talk about things we read in the news, saw on the web, heard on the radio. It really is as exciting as it sounds.”

Interesting (?) concept. Glories in the mundane — but worth a listen.

Don’t worry, I have no plans to podcast my own commute — unless people want to listen to silence, interspersed with bouts of tuneless singing and all too frequent ‘…stuck behind another fucking tractor!’ outbursts… Somehow I doubt it.