Here’s a rare sport-related post from me.

My daughter attends a state primary school and was given the opportunity this summer to take part in Chance to shine, with coaches from a local club going into school to teach the basics of cricket. This culminated in an inter-school tournament today — which was (to quote her) “brilliant!”. She was even given a special cricket shirt for being ‘player of the match’ — I was going to take and post a pic of her proudly displaying it, but it’s currently being soaked to get rid of the chocolate stains… (she says it’s mud but I have my doubts). Next week she’s going on a 3-day cricket workshop organised by this bunch. Great stuff.

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From the page: “Cricket is special – it plays a unique role in education because it demands both individual and collective responsibility. It reaches across boundaries of gender, race and class, offering opportunities to all – if given the chance… But there’s simply not enough competitive cricket played in state schools. Fewer than 10% offer opportunities to play cricket regularly. Youngsters miss out on the chance to learn… Chance to shine, established by the independent charity, the Cricket Foundation, will give many more young people the opportunity to flourish through cricket at school.”

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All in all I think that this a great initiative. Wish it had been around when I was at school — I loved playing cricket, but the lack of a Y chromosome meant that most of my games were in the garden.