Ant’s super-fast bite is a built-in ‘ejector seat’

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The trap-jaw ant poised to strike
(Image: Alex Wild/

“It is the speeding bullet of the natural world. The trap-jaw ant [Odontomachus bauri] snaps shut its mandibles at speeds of 35 to 64 metres per second, about 2300 times faster than the blink of an eye. That makes it the fastest recorded strike in the animal kingdom…

The tiny terror uses its mandibles for more than just biting. If a predator threatens, the ant can strike its jaws on the ground and catapult itself to safety.”

    “Interestingly enough, the bite does not hurt humans… Because we’re so large, the ants simply bounce off when they strike us.”

See the impressive ant in action — links to short Quicktime movies are on the page.