This evening we went out to the local Indian restaurant to celebrate Happibunlett’s birthday. Stacks of great food – and I’m still puzzling as to how the youngsters were able to find room afterwards for some seriously chocolatey birthday cake!

I left woolyjumper at Happibun’s house, where he is sleeping-over. I don’t think much sleeping is going on, though, if the stumbling activity is anything to go by!

The birthday meal was quite a gathering of stumblers!

Woolyjumper has got the stumbling bug again, after a summer spent playing outdoors or satisfying his Runescape addiction, and is back adding to his blog. Check out his cute animal pics and other things that have caught his 12-year-old’s eye.

My daughter has just joined us here as polarpup. There’s not much on her page yet, but I’m sure she’d like to see you visit!