“Pockets of Eden”

Horned chameleon (Chamaeleo tenue) Image: Burgess/WWF

“New studies published this month… document an amazing concentration of over 1000 species unique – or endemic – to an area slightly larger than Rhode Island in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania and Kenya. This remaining habitat in the Eastern Arcs has the highest concentration of endemic animals in Africa and is increasingly endangered by complex threats.

    “The wild areas of the Eastern Arc Mountains are pockets of Eden — the last remaining safe havens for over 1000 plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth and some with ancient lineages stretching back in time over millions of years” ~ Dr. Neil Burgess

Tree (Allanblackia shuhlmannii) – Image: Burgess/WWF

I’ll come back to this later – got to prepare dinner for the family first…