Lincolnshire Wolds

Looking southwards towards Goulceby from Red Hill shortly before sunset (Pic by me)

Think Lincolnshire is all cabbages and endless skies? A lot of it is, but within all the flatness there is an area of low hills and steep valleys – the Wolds. They are a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and run, roughly parallel with the North Sea coast, from the Humber in the north west to the town of Spilsby in the south east.

This weekend we headed into the Wolds and spent an afternoon fossil hunting, looking at rocks and staring at the landscape. It’s a wonderful location – and was enhanced by the warm winter sunshine, cloudless blue skies and hazy mist.

Part of the picnic, standing by bee holes in the soft Spilsby Sandstone near Somersby