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Dragonfly eyes by nutmeg66

Odonata are an order of aquatic palaeopterous insects. There are about 6500 extant species in just over 600 genera. Adult odonates are medium to large in size, often conspicuous and/or brightly colored insects and are aerial predators hunting by sight. They generally are found at or near fresh water although some species roam widely and may be found far from their breeding sites. The larvae are predatory, aquatic and occur in all manner of inland waters…

The modern order is divided into two main suborders: Zygoptera (damselflies) and Anisoptera (dragonflies). The common name “dragonfly” also is used for the whole order. More than one-half of all species are tropical but odonates of both major suborders occur in every faunal region except Antarctica. A third suborder, Anisozygoptera, largely known from fossils, is represented by one extant species in Japan and one in the Himalayas.

This site gives a very good overview of the odonates. I’m spending quite a bit of time at the moment watching them – I find them fascinating. Their eyes, in particular, are magnificent and well worth looking at closely.

The image above is of a female Common Darter, taken on a visit to a local nature reserve.