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2008 has been designated the Year of the Frog.

Globally, amphibians are declining rapidly with species, genera, and even families going extinct at an unprecedented rate. One third to one half of all amphibian species are threatened with extinction, with probably more than 120 already gone in recent years.

Habitat loss is the major threat in terms of number of species affected but the rapid dispersal of amphibian chytrid fungus is of major and urgent concern because of its tendency to drive species to extinction quickly. Global climate change may have
exacerbated the problem.

Log on to Year of the frog to find out more and to sign a petition calling on support for amphibians by governments around the world.

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It seems to me that if you wait until the frogs and toads have
croaked their last to take some action, you’ve missed the point.

~ Kermit the Frog